Patchwork effect tile is manufactured in Spain. suitable for both use on wall and floor tiles. Multicoloured patchwork effect tile, with a flat finish, natural tonal variations with multi-colour highlights, it is a ceramic tile suitable for indoor applications creating both classic or modern designs for bathrooms or kitchens.

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"With these colourful tiles, you can always be sure that everything in the room will match something!"

The collection boasts over 100 different capturing designs, each tile features 4 random patterns.

Encaustic tiles are a brilliant way to add some creativity to your home. These beautiful patterned and coloured tiled can be used for subtle signatures or for big statements. They are fully compatible with underfloor heating and can endure anything that modern life can throw at it.

With encaustic tiles, the colour and pattern last as long as the tiles- pretty much forever- unlike ceramic tiles where the pattern is printed only on the surface. Each tile is made with a three-layer process that has been used since the 1800s, meaning that the pattern will remain intact despite ageing. They are handcrafted, and each tile is made with 100% natural materials.

Patchwork 442x442 mm

£35.00square metre
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The colours that make up multi-coloured patchwork effect tile, range from purple, shocking blue, peach to cream with faint mottling. This tile is unique. A clashing of expressive colours, that works. Patchwork is a great example of encaustic tiles it screams handcrafted. This tile works well when accompanied by a large format concrete tile, when used as a floor covering commercially or residential.


Designers love the patchwork effect tiles; the trend is lingering a little while longer. Think bold, be brave if you cannot see it working on your floor try it on the walls.