Cementine Retro

Rectified retro patchwork tiles are manufactured, by a company named fioranese, based in Italy. Decorative retro patchwork pattern designed by Silvia Stanzani and brought to life as 20×20 porcelain stoneware to cover floors or walls, in line with the very latest trends in the world of fashion and Interior Design. With endless design layouts available. Opting for a singular pattern placement, Creates a great feature wall and floor covering. Cementine retro could be used fully or half-halfheartedly. whether this be as a feature when accompanied with monotonous tile. Splash back or as a full wall or floor covering. Areas of application are endless.

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Inspired by traditional hexagonal or square concrete floor tiles whose dominant colours often came in shades of grey and brick.

The Cementine Retro resembles the early 20th century, cementine and concrete chip floors were extremely successful.

The composition was based on a simple alternation of colours, but cementine tiles were also used to create much more sophisticated decorations, with flowers, meanders and other patterns interpreting the fashionable Liberty and Deco styles, and were also a fresh alternative to carpets, while guaranteeing the same functional demarcation of spaces and visual strength. This revival has become a trend, reinterpreted once more as a retro patchwork porcelain tile, with a new stylistic flavour. This retro patchwork tile can be bought as a decorative mix. We also stock two individual patterns from this range. These tiles can be placed in the majority of settings, as a wall or floor covering.

Cementine Retro 200x200 mm

£79.95square metre
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Cementine Retro patchwork Pattern piece.

When blending the various designs together, shade, texture and calibration differences should be expected.