Designed with effects of a subtle borderline shading creating dynamic edging. The effects of Corsa flat gloss wall tile are immense, perfect for optimising spaces with the shiny glazed finish. It’s not until you stand back and take a look! you notice a variance in shade difference within the same box. Which gives this flat gloss tile a distinctive identity.

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The finish of this tile is very effective, adding character to any assignment.

Corso is strictly for use on interior walls and is suitable for residential and commercial projects. With the vast colour palette to choose from, there is a shade to suit any assignment. Kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, cafeteria or an establishment for refreshments.

The small size of Corso flat gloss tile with a thickness of 7.5mm, has a presence in the new collection. With Corso Wall tile series in 200×100 mm format this is an ideal contemporary multi use wall tile. A return to the origins but from a novel and ground-breaking approach. The base tile in a gloss finish which inspires refreshing excitement with its cheerful colour palette (Hueso Caramelo, Gris, Turquesa, Burdeos, Antracita and Azul).

Corso 200x100 mm

£43.95square metre
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When looking for a wall tile that does not consist one flat colour, Corso flat gloss wall tile is the tile for you!Ideal for designers and architects to have to hand. Contemporary with a marvellous glossy surface, Which Is great for projecting light when a space has minimal natural light. Corso collection give a sense of space bounces light.

Corso Colours

Shiny surface of Corso make it easy to keep clean and timeless to a degree, yet when teamed with a border or mosaic can become traditional. To sum this range of flat gloss tiles up in a few words, I would say simple yet very effective.