Contemporary colour range of a flat gloss tile, simple but very effective. These plain colours give a very clean a fresh look to any room. We keep a range of gloss colours as well as a Black and White in both Gloss and Satin finish. This offering of 300×100 mm luxury flat gloss tile is ideal for wall coverings in any setting. Ultra shine finish is a definite hybrid between the limited traditional colours once available compared with today’s vast selection of shades, tones and finishes. Alba Flat surface and solid colours create an ultra modern Collection

A combination of colours can add some much needed substance to the interior of a room.

Traditional take on the metro underground tiles. The size of the tile takes it out of the traditional tile category moving into the modern contemporary field.

Alba range is a production, that was specifically created to transform spaces.   Although the colour range is subtle, due to the shape and size of this specific tile the design layouts are endless. The gratification of this tile is that it has no limits. This tile can be adapted for use on the walls in any Commercial or residential  property. In its own rights this tile is timeless due to it having a  sophisticated yet simple design.

Alba Liso 300x100 mm

£34.95square metre
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Colours Available:

This ceramic stoneware, flat gloss tile operates as a multi functional wall covering. Alba transforms any given space, having a multitude of design trends to choose from. which allows you to manipulate this piece to generate an expression with an arrangement of your own desired taste or a statement combining colour.