City Living

Urban look tile, city living is decorative work of art, in the shape of a 300×75 brick shaped tile. City living resembles peeling paint, that reveals a random wood grain effect that adds to the urban look of city living.

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The raw, worn edges of city living wall tiles. Gives the feel of a contemporary loft.

The range offers a feel of city living. Ceramic wall tile suitable for use on walls only, city living is a rustic wooden texture, old wood background with blue peeling paint. Despite looking textured this urban look tile has a smooth finish.

City living wood grain effect, urban look tile collection is made up of pastel and neutral colour blend making it easy to incorporate it into any domestic setting, in a bathroom on all walls or as a feature wall, this range has a decorative tile which is made up of browns, white and blue/ turquoise colours. And a white base tile, can be used on kitchen walls, featured splashback, there is no restriction to what internal walls this tile can be used on. City living could also be used to add a smooth, yet rustic texture in appearance, to commercial setting, restaurant, bar or toilet area, with the neutral blend of this range it could be used in a fashion store.

City Living 300x75 mm

£54.95square metre
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City living is a versatile, urban look tile that is brought to life, when used alongside oak furnishings or neutral colour scheme. This unique wood grain effect, Urban look tiles are very much on trend.

City Living Shade Samples

This collection is very quirky. The browns, blues and off-white of the decorative tile, echoes urban look tile.