Anna cement style tile, manufactured in Italy. Measures 20x20cm the collection is a definite decorative piece, consisting of a central print with patterns from all four corners. The pattern on both shades has a dark outline around the pattern of the tile.

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This style of tile is inspired by traditional cement tiles, a durable porcelain tile with a natural finish that’s smooth in texture.

Cement tiles date back to 19th century Europe, where they were developed and then used widely in Art Nouveau architecture. Tiles were a popular choice for floors in places such as Spain, Barcelona, France, Germany and other countries around the world.

Today, however, cement style tiles are once again becoming a floor covering of choice, driven by the boom in all things vintage and the growing appreciation for handmade products worldwide. While traditional cement tile designs are enjoying a revival, new patterns are also gaining in popularity. Designers and manufacturers are updating these tiles with contemporary geometric patterns, giving them a second life through a more versatile look.

Anna 200x200 mm

£49.95square metre
  • Cold and Warm Variants Available

A staple among traditional cement tile patterns, what we call " anna" comes in two shades. Cold Anna drawing tones from beige, pearl grey, limestone and taupe. Warm Anna holds shades of brown, beige and taupe. Both shades have a cement feel, each tile makes up an overall pattern. It has an almost puzzle like fixing, that conjoin to make a continuous pattern.

Anna Variants

The surface of Anna is unrefined which is believed to add to the beauty of this earthly, cement style tile.