World Streets

A concrete effect 200x200mm anti-slip porcelain tile. World street has a matt finish with a concrete effect. Suitable for both internal and external use.

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A creative concrete effect collection. Within the range we have both plain and mix patterned tiles in two colours, graffito and cemento. Which can be used together.

Stylish, with a minimalist concrete effect look for anywhere in the home or a commercial setting, which is chic and very much on trend. Can be used to create a modern space. The concrete effect collection consists of a plain complimentary tile and a decorative tile.

A 200 x 200 mm porcelain tile, with a matt finish. Inspired by concrete, with a multipurpose use.

World streets is suitable for use on floors and walls, internal or external. These concrete effect tiles have a thickness of 8 mm that measures at 200 x 200 mm. Ideal for use in a cafe, bar or porch. The list is endless for uses.

Available in two shades to compliment the concrete look, graffito and cemento. Some of the most emblematic streets from around the world have inspired the multitude of combined designs within this range.

World Streets 200x200 mm

£49.95square metre
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World Streets is launched in a basic and an anti-slip finish, therefore it can be used for interior as well as exterior areas. This is a material with strong urban roots, redesigned to adapt to different places with the capacity to create cosmopolitan, urban and modern vibes thanks to its endless decorative possibilities.

World Streets Colours

Introduce World Street into your environment.