Decorative, Sevilla collection consist of two different patterned tiles. Pattern 01 is a bright and playful floor tile, displaying yellow, blue and aged cream tones. 03 pattern has a more enchanted feel, with a display of only two colours,off white and sage.

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This 450x450 mm tile collection by designer Francisco Segarra, takes an in depth look at the classic patterns of old ceramic tiles.

Sevilla, decorative vintage design. The pattern of sevilla looks like a hand painted motif, that is repeated to complete the visual appeal.

A collection designed to intentionally look worn, it has a strong antiqued feel. Sevilla is a ceramic floor tile providing the charm and elegance of a vintage era. This pattern piece is available in two designs. (01) design consist of Yellow, blue and aged cream. (03) predominantly sage with delicate off white markings. Francisco has purposely set out to give the collection a worn antique look. Sevilla comes as a solid scored 450 x 450 mm tile. Made to give the illusion of four separate tiles, to make up the initial pattern.

Sevilla 450x450 mm

£43.95square metre
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Fs Original Pattern

This is a great example of how redesigning something old, can create an amazing piece.