The Litium collection is a marble effect tile, with its multiple variants. This collection mirrors the exact beauty of natural stoneware, taking attributes from natural stone. Litium allows multiple combinations, consequently lending itself to various designs and creations of different habitat styles.

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"Litium is a classic marble effect tile with neutral shades. The whole Litium collection has an impressive display of graphic design, this marble effect tile carries variations that creates a magnificent result".

Litium collection, which combines tradition with trend, to create an elegant legacy of style, this range is favourable when looking to add sophistication to a space.

Litium is a collection that carries an enormous weight of versatility, which is offered in multiple formats, finishes and shades.

Sizes available

120 x 120 cm –  120 x 60 cm –   75 x 75 cm –  60 x 60 cm –  60 x 30 cm

Shades of Litium pearl, Silver and Grey all the shades are available in a matte or polished finish. A marble effect tile manufactured using porcelain which is a durable material that many designers and architects are familiar with using. A tile with high technical and aesthetic benefits, functional for contemporary living when accompanied with symmetry and modern furnishings. Litium has unique qualities, the marble effect range is functional, beautiful and timeless.

Litium 600x600mm

£49.95square metre
  • Prices will vary with different sizes.

Litium 1200x1200 mm

£109.95square metre
  • Prices will vary with different sizes.

Litium 600x300mm

£43.95square metre
  • Prices will vary with different sizes

Litium 1200x600

£79.95square metre
  • Prices will vary with different sizes

Litium 750x750mm

£65.95square metre
  • Prices will vary with different sizes

The warm shades of these marble effect tiles create a sophisticated and harmonious setting with a new space sensation.

The advances in engineering have enabled this specific factory to produce a high definition, digital reproduction of natural marble which can be used to transform any given environment. Litium can be used to give any project large or small a spectacular finish.The beauty of nature increases the application possibilities. 

Litium Colours

Impressive sizes, installation solutions, natural patterns and chic colours work together harmoniously and elegantly in the Litium collection to express an innovative aesthetic for any interior.