A lilypad, hexagon shaped tile. Made up of three entirely different designs. by simply rotating the tile, also known as water lily tiles. Great for making small spaces appear bigger.

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With this range there is no limits, the lily pad tile will look great in a modern or traditional setting. Taking inspiration from encaustic moroccan style tile.

What makes these lilypad tiles so popular is how one tile can be used to create different visual effects.

The striking geometric look of the lilypad tiles is a definite favourite. Measuring 230×200 mm in size and available in three trendy colours. The colours are Aqua marine, nero and azul.

With how the lily pad design lends itself so well to various settings. Making the range suitable for use on wall or floor in kitchen, bathroom or even living space.

Rica 230x200 mm

£54.95square metre
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Meraki Colours

Impressive sizes, installation solutions, natural patterns and chic colours work together harmoniously and elegantly in the Dakota collection to express an innovative aesthetic for any interior.