Languedoc, a french inspired stone tile that display natural imperfections. That emerge clearly and realistically from the surface. The warm and soft colours of these stones, evoke a cosy and prestigious atmosphere that help this range become a distinguishing feature of the stone series.

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"Current and sophisticated shades bring out the best in these surfaces, while textures, in harmony with nature, add simple beauty.

Languedoc is a complete program of wall and floor tiles, suitable for indoor and outdoor, with surface finishes and trim pieces specially studied for any kind of use.

The Languedoc range is kept in stock in 90×60 in both a 10mm matt finish For use indoors. 20mm anti-slip finish which is ideal for outdoor use, ideal for anyone wanting to create a free flowing effect, using the exact same tile from the inside to outdoor.

It is from reclaimed limestones used in historical châteaux and churches in this ancient region of Southern France, that draws the inspiration for the Languedoc collection. The warm and soft colours of these stones, with the tracks that time left on them, evoke cosy and prestigious atmospheres giving the spaces a strong and fancy character.

Languedoc 900x600mm

£59.95square metre
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Languedoc Colours