marble stone effect porcelain tile collection. A textured surface with soft veining effect. Flow, will convince anyone that it is natural stone. Because of the immense detailing.

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It’s the expression of a growing quality that offers authentic surfaces. With characteristics that echo natural elegance and a sophisticated design.

Inspired by a variety of marble known as Silk Georgette. Flow collection mimics the light, elegant texture, reminiscent of a precious, draped fabric. Composed of an endless succession of lines that create a vibrant, decorative surface.

The veining effects typical of the material it is inspired by are the hallmark feature of Flow, giving it a classy, sophisticated look, enhanced by the large-size tiles the collection is made up of.

Three neutral shades, shifting from light to dark in perfect harmony, complemented by sophisticated finish.

Flow 600x300 mm

£54.95square metre
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Flow colours

When blending the various designs together, shade, texture and calibration differences should be expected.