Victorian style tile collection still add substance to any interior. This style is usually used as a floor covering, in a porch or hallway. Black and white Victorian style tiles are a very popular choice for period properties when the desire is to create a traditional feel.

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"Picture a Victorian inspired bathroom or hallway, these black and white checker-board pattern tiles are the first thing that springs to mind. This tile could be used to create a feature piece on a floor of a bar or restaurant or maybe even a traditional fire surround."

This Victorian style tile is suitable for a variety of uses; a creative wall covering, exterior path, hallway, kitchen floor covering, porch and bathrooms. A traditional Victorian monotone tile that seems to be an equal merger of modern trends meets traditional.

The layout pattern for this style of tile is unlimited. A Victorian style tile like this one can be used for external and internal use, with a simple or complex design you can guarantee a superb finish.

This range is suitable for domestic and commercial use, available in various sizes from the largest been 30×30 to 10×10.

These tiles carry a matt surface finish which adds nicely to the look of the tiles. The collection has two shades White and black, the white is more of an off white and black is of a pure black.

There is also a border and separate corner mosaics that can be used along side the 100×100 range.

Victorian 100x100 mm

£64.95square metre
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Victorian 300x300 mm

£64.95square metre
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Victorian 150x150 mm

£64.95square metre
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Victorian Borders 320x150 mm

£19.95per Border
  • New in stock now!

A hexagon shaped tile is also available in two shades white and black which again can be incorporated into a unique design pattern.

Victorian Colours

Black and white hexagon, can be used solely or mixed to creative a very effective wall or floor covering.