Tasmania wood effect is inspired by the brilliantly balanced imperfections of naturally worn wood. These natural imperfections emerge clearly and realistically from the surface to become a distinguishing feature of the series.

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"Current and sophisticated shades bring out the best in these surfaces, while textures in harmony with nature add simple beauty.

Tasmania is a leading range for wood effect tiles you must see to believe. The resemblance of the true raw product is phenomenal.

The true likeness of worn wooden planks, created with high definition digital technology. Tasmania wood effect tiles will transform any environment. Tasmania creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere, with unmistakable modern charm. Made using the finest porcelain, this range is made in new prestigious sizes.

The new prestigious sizes make more and more headway in residential and commercial sectors. All the natural “imperfections” emerge clearly and realistically on the surface, becoming a distinguishing feature of a material in full harmony with modern interior design trends.

Tasmania 1000x250 mm

£32.95square metre
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The warm shades of these wood effect tiles create a sophisticated and harmonious setting, a new space sensation.

Tasmania Colours

Natural patterning and modern colours work together.