Slate Split Face

Slate split face tile, is the perfect feature tile. Created from random layers of natural stone. With a range of various thicknesses. These pieces are bonded together, to produce a highly modern textural, undulating form. This Slate split face tile creates the most effective of feature walls.

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"A beautifully textured natural slate split face tile, is a perfect solution for transforming interior walls. With a choice of five unique colours, ideal for any architectural or interior design project."

The luxurious slate split face tile is created, from a refined source of natural quartzite, with unique crystallised particles. Which create a spectacular sparkle under the light, combined with an undulating surface design provides a lavish, sparkling wall covering.

The texture and finish of this slate effect tile, is very much on trend. When wanting to add some much-needed texture to a space. Slate effect tile gives a room a sense of character. Suitable for commercial or residential build. Designed to produce a slate rock effect. The multi layered slate creates a unique, one of a kind luxurious wall cladding.

Characterful look with striking effects, the strips are staggered, multi levelled natural stone quartzite stone.


£84.95square metre
  • SPLIT FACE CLOUD 400x100


£69.95square metre
  • SPLIT FACE BLACK 400x100

These tiles are equally effective, in commercial and residential properties. Generating an amazing distinctive wall feature. Ideal for placements on TV walls, around fireplace, reception rooms, hotels, bars and restaurants areas the list is endless. Natural stone tends to be slightly porous, so we recommend sealing, making it easier to clean. Alternatively, you might like to try our porcelain multi layered effect. Forest, Forward sand and grey brick. Available in a palette of neutral hues. A perfect long-term investment, that will stand the test of time. Allowing you to stay at the forefront of present architectural and interior trends.

Split Face Colours

Available colours black, cloud, multi slate, oyster and white. Dimensions of 400x100 mm.