Stone effect tile Sienna resembles a natural flag stone. Brought to life with its chiselled edges, and realistic markings. 900×600 mm porcelain stoneware suitable for use on floor and walls.

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This realistic stone effect porcelain is inspired by natural stone slabs, with strong influences of natural flagstones.

The Sienna Series is a porcelain tile that provides the charm and elegance of a natural stone, but without the hassle of maintenance.

Sienna tile is a porcelain tile that provides the charm and elegance of a large format natural stone. This stone effect piece is available in two, natural colours. Misty grey and Sand, the range has a strong variation, which makes the finished article both interesting and appealing. Sienna holds all the detailing found on a natural stone slab. Each tile has shaded detailing that adds depth to this tile collection.

Sienna 900x600 mm

£49.95square metre
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Although sienna tiles have elements of distinction, it ranks high in versatility. With this piece being porcelain it is durable, maintaining a tile with such properties can be accomplished at ease. Whether your aim is to create intensity or a feature piece, this stone look tile's hues will alter under lighting.

Sienna Colours

The true beauty of this tile when laid is striking. In line with current trends in the world of fashion and interior design.