MAINSTONE is a porcelain tile collection, inspired by more soothing versions of Breccia marble. It stands out particularly for its well-balanced shades, with a distinctive subtle veined pattern that lends it a modern elegant appeal.

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Mainstone comes in four colours (Oat, dolphin, cloud and moon). It is available in a 60x60cm format with a Natural finish.

A porcelain tile collection with very strong similarities to Breccia marble. A rock composed of broken fragments of minerals or rock cemented together by a fine-grained matrix.

Classic, yet a very neutral marble effect tile. Creating an impressive display when used on floor or wall. The veining that runs throughout is subtle yet effective.

Mainstone is available, in four shades, Oat (Beige), Cloud (grey), Mood (charcoal) and Dolphin a (Blue/grey).

The advances in engineering have enabled this specific factory to produce a high definition, digital reproduction of natural stone.

Mainstone can be used solely to create picturesque finish.

Mainstone 600x600 mm

£49.95square metre
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The beauty of this tile collection increases the application possibilities. The warm shades of these stone effect tiles create a sophisticated and harmonious setting, a new space sensation.

Mainstone Colours

Modern size, creating a great visual solution for a contemporary space, with natural patterns and chic colours,that work together harmoniously.