A Decorative Porcelain patchwork tile, that is very versatile. Displaying over a hundred different geometric designs. Mixed differently on each tile creates a random patchwork effect. This look is always popular with designers and with the high anti-slip rating you can now create this effect on both wall and floors.

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Kimono wall and floor decorative tile, that has a quirky patchwork style. Supplying any given space an unorthodox character. Kimono is a high sort after tile.  This tile has a light dusting of glitter that sparkles when caught by light, creating a pleasant finish.

A stunning, elaborate patchwork tile, made up of different geometrical patterns. A matt decorative patchwork tile, that will bring energy to any wall or floor space, these striking mosaic effect tiles have different designs;

; from geometric displays, dragon fly’s through to floral patterns. Kimono can be partnered with various other tiles. They are suitable for both walls and floors and have a matt textured finish. Patchwork effect tiles are becoming ever more popular, as a residential or commercial feature floor tile, as splashback or maybe a feature piece. These 442×442 mm tiles are made up of 16 number, 100x100mm individual tiles. Each 442×442 tile has 16 different unique designs with hues of Burnt orange, terracotta, turquoise, green and aqua blue. Kimono patchwork tile is a pressed tile with a grout effect between each 100x100mm tile. So, you don’t need to grout between the faux mosaic pieces.

Kimono 442x442 mm

£39.95square metre
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Kimono patchwork tile is only available in the one size, one tile displays 16 individual random patterns. A very unique and versatile porcelain tile collection. A statement piece patchwork tile.

Available in one colour

One box has over one hundred arabesque patterns. Kimono can be incorporated into numerous designs, commercial and residential.