Split-face porcelain tile. Highly textured with digitally printed detailing, our split-face tiles are becoming ever more popular as a central feature. For example a feature wall, chimney breast, splash back or in a bathroom to break up a more featureless tile.

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The tiles interlock giving an almost invisible grout line. Giving you a seamless finish, making it a lot harder to see where the tiles start and end.

This split-face tile collection is available in two colours, Asia (Beige) and Quartz steel (Grey), displaying taupe with speckles of a charcoal colour.Asia is predominantly beige with shades of sandstone, limestone and cream. With faint grey marbling throughout.

The beauty of this collection is that it can be used in wet areas. This porcelain split-face tile has to be grouted.

Whereas the natural stone split-face tiles look amazing, but can not be placed in area that are in contact with water. Keradom is a 3 dimensional feature tile that carries strong variation.

The great thing about this collection, the tile can be used behind a shower or sink to create a textured feature.

Keradom 400x160 mm

£53.95square metre
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Keradom split face has texture and style. The tiles fit together seamlessly, creating a featureful backdrop for your chosen setting.

Keradom Colours

Keradom is a definite feature piece. With a subtle dusting of surface glitter to add even more depth to the tile.