Jungle Wood

Wood looking tile, Jungle wood. Brought to life by it’s representation of  natural raw materials found within nature. This range explores the essence of wood, using tones and colour movement to create an unprecedented realism.

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Jungle Wood richness creates powerful and irresistible fascinating settings as nature itself.

Tones and colour movement, along with its strong shade variation intricately transform spaces and gives an unprecedented realism.

Wood looking collection loaded with a strong character. Jungle wood is ideal for settings with strong, deep and detailed design.

With this collection, although the tiles maybe similar in colour, they may have totally different colours and or texture from the other tiles. Jungle wood has three earth like colours, to choose from. Grey, Brown and beige. Measuring 1200×200 mm. Within each colour there is around five different variations in shade. completing the unique nature of this wood range.

Jungle Wood 1200x200 mm

£49.95square metre
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Jungle Wood Colours