This Spanish manufactured  decorative wall tile collection possesses a French shabby chic appeal. Handcraft combines a handcrafted look with a shine evocative of traditional glazed ceramic tiles.

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" This range has lots of character with its luxurious glaze, rustic finish and handcrafted look. The gloss finish work perfectly in home installations and prove popular with designers for commercial projects."

The quality of this high end rustic style tile opens the range to mixing different shades. But this ceramic tile is strictly for use on walls only. Poitier is an opposite extreme to the glossy classic subway.

This collection has a unique quality gloss finish, giving class to your project.

This reinterpretation of a brick surface combines a handcrafted appearance with the characteristic shine of classic glazed tiles. Available in a wide variety of colours, Azure, white, latte, pearl, sage and smoke.

Available in one size 300 x 75 mm and six different colours.

‘HANDCRAFT’ is so easy to combine with other materials that it can be used as a star attraction on walls in multiple different settings to ensure a timeless trendsetting appeal. This rustic style tile can be placed portrait or landscape. Suitable for food, beverage establishments and residential assignments. Poitier is a beautifully glazed ceramic tile, with a handcrafted look.

Handcraft 300x75 mm

£54.95square metre
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The finish of handcraft wall tiles makes it ideal for keeping environments clean and hygienic with a gloss finish created for effortless cleaning. A glazed ceramic handcrafted look tile has an uneven bumpy effect, although the surface of the tile is rippled the edges are uniformed.

Handcraft Colours

The style and size of this piece allows your creativity flow, there are many patterns that can be created using handcraft tiles.