A single modular glossy wall tile collection that exhibits burnished surfaces, giving a great reflection of today’s taste. Fusion offers a generous variety of sophisticated hues to choose from. The fusion collection has exceptional details.

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" A new fresh wall covering that offers great assistance unleashing ones creative energy. With striking attributes of enchantment and class. This flat gloss tile range has a shiny finish that creates a reflective surface, ideal for any type of internal spaces".

Fusion plays the starring role with noticeable effort, displayed by textures which together with colour define the personality of any given setting, although delicate very effective.

A contemporary wall covering with a glossy finish. The glaze carries a subtle inset crackle, which does not influence the ultra-smooth surface.

This flat gloss tile is a display of interest and is not just a glossy wall tile. The collection has character and charm, suitable for any internal walls, commercial or residential.

The selection of shades supplies an unlimited catalogue for use on large or small projects. Fusion flat gloss wall tile is a collection you may choose to use instead of painting or using a back splash

Fusion 200x100 mm

£54.95square metre
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Why not, tile it! Using fusion flat gloss tile, adds texture to a space. With that allure quality, Fusion turns a house into a home, establishment for food into a cafe, restaurant and premises for sale of beverages into a decorative bar or pub. Flat gloss tile that displays simplicity and a contemporary feel.

Fusion Colour range,white, black, brown, grey and seaweed.

Bringing spirit to spaces that were once bland. The hues of the fusion range can complement most interior colour schemes.