Carpet Vestige

A Porcelain rug effect tile produced by a Spanish factory, this rug effect tile is available in various sizes. Carpet vestige is inspired by worn ornate carpets.

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This rug effect tile has a contemporary presence with a shabby chic flare.

The name of this collection reflects the key design, this rug effect tile is a recreation of a more traditional handmade tapestry.

The rugs woven during this time frame, were typically larger in size with finer detailing.

The carpet tile has an enhanced fabric effect, with a satin finish. This glazed porcelain stoneware has been aesthetically designed, with a combination of brown, greens and creams. This decorative patterned patchwork piece is an ideal striking design scheme.

Carpet vestige, rug effect tile is suitable for both floor and wall coverings and creates a great feature piece adding depth and warmth.

Available size of this rug effect tile is 600 x 600 mm.

Carpet Vestige 600x600 mm

£66.00square metre
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This non-rectified glazed porcelain tile is perfect for large floor spaces. Gorgeous tones and texture from this porcelain tile has an almost metallic aspect of interest.

Carpet Vestige Colours

This range has a varied shade variation. The design is made up of various random patterns, creating an eye-catching decorative piece.