Intense colours, textures and shades for warm, inviting interior flooring in porcelain stoneware. The Claystone tile features a very high-quality stone optic with a semi-polished finish. The creation of this porcelain stoneware tile was inspired by various sedimentary rocks.

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"The innovative design of this porcelain stoneware gives any room a certain depth and airiness. The various colours of the Claystone series have a soft appearance, evoking a fine brushstroke."

The decorative fabric like markings and sober tones transitions and elegant pliability of clay, this is the essence of the Claystone.

The Italian manufacturer, delivers the Claystone semi-polished porcelain stoneware tile from the Claystone series in rectangular form with dimensions of 450 x 900 in There are four colours: Dark (mud/grey), Shadow (warm grey), Ray (pale), Desert (tobacco). with a semi-polished / matte finish. This 900×450 natural finish tile is rectified resulting in a uniform size with 90° edges. Claystone Shadow semi-polished/ matte tile is suitable for both walls and floors. 900×450 semi polished and the matte 600×300 are both lapped (non-rectified edges).

Claystone 600x300 mm

£43.95square metre
  • Some colours in stock!

The collection reflects the unique character of the clay mineral argillite. The mineral itself is almost not suitable for construction and finishing. However, the excellent properties of porcelain stoneware make it possible to reproduce this natural material with exceptional details. Claystone is available in the basic 600x300 plus a larger format of 900×450, so that argillite is perceived in all its magnificence. The semi-polished surface produces an exclusive sheen, adding warmth and welcoming atmosphere to the "stone"-decorated interiors. Claystone is enhanced by a matching decorative mosaic.

Claystone Colours

Claystone is available with two finishes semi polished, which is a partly polished finish enhancing the reflection of light, the best way to describe the effect is a burnished look. The second optional finish is natural which is matte with minimal texture.