The industrial brickwork effect porcelain tile collection, is produced by a Spanish factory. This manufacturer combines modern design and classic taste. The industrial brickwork effect tile interprets industrial trend in a unique way, with rugged texture, contrasts of light and endless decorative opportunities.

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"Whether it be a residential or commercial project, this wall and floor tile will be completely unique. Industrial brickwork effect tile is rectified with a matt finish. This brickwork tile carries similar dimensions to railway sleepers."

In appearance this industrial brickwork effect tile has identical qualities to reclaimed railway sleepers. Adding a rural feel to any setting this tile is situated.

In appearance this industrial brickwork effect tile has a hidden depth that draws you in, Radiating modern brilliance. Brickwork gifts inner workings with an outside appearance, a sand faced brick effect, dimple like surface. This range bring three different shades. Aged metal work that has been left outside to become weathered is the best was to describe the appearance of titanium.

Grey resembles raw silver in a pure natural form. The manufacturer has cleverly created detailing, giving this tile features of precious elements extracted from actual silver rarely appearing in digital printing.

Brickwork 1000x250 mm

£79.95square metre
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Out of all three shades available, moka accredits oil stains of an industrial environment. Industrial brickwork effect tile, is obtainable in three different shades. Available in one size 25x100. This tile is suitable for both floor. Brickwork possesses a broard variation in tones within each tile, adding to the character of this range.

Brickwork Colours

The nature of this tile, helps bring that finished look to any space. The tile needs no fuss, as it speaks volumes as a solo. Dressing any commercial, residential space. Although this tile is described as matt, the tile has a surface shimmer. When placed in a lit area this tile cleverly bounces light. Giving a great sense of space.