Kilnker earth like tile, are a similar shape to external bricks, with characteristics of glazed pottery. The high-quality glaze and earthy tones set the mood. The shades of the klinker range carries a strong resemblance of traditional cast iron pans.

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This earth like tile collection is available in three traditional earthy shades. Verde, Caramel and Blanco with the option of gloss or satin.Suitable for commercial spaces, such as office complexes, shopping malls, service stations, café and restaurants.

This earth like tile could also be incorporated in a bedroom or to tile a chimney breast, which is a great way to inject character and texture to a living space in your home.

Adopted this tile to a more traditional surrounding, Klinker could be used to tile the walls surrounding the area in which an ager stove is housed. Bring a true concept of traditional to contemporary style domain.

To achieve the full brick effect, wider grout lines are advised. The grout lines of this tile have a similar appearance to mortar between exterior brick work. Giving the tile a rustic appeal.

The way in which these earth like tiles are manufactured with a given representation of fired clay. But unlike fired clay these earth like wall tiles are not porous, no sealant required. Klinker tiles have a rustic handcrafted feel.

Klinker 260x60 mm

£54.95square metre
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The size and detailing of this collection is great for developers and designers from all backgrounds and levels of expertise. Inviting the inner innovator in you, to just let loose. Be daring, get creating, mix shades and experiment with layouts

Klinker Colours

kilnker earth like tile collection is Suitable for commercial spaces, such as office complexes, shopping malls, service stations, cafe and restaurants. Residential housing in areas such as hallway walls, splash back in kitchen or bathroom shower enclosure.